US-Based Indie Game Development Studio.

In addition to making games, we also offer an array of services:
Websites, Mobile Apps, Bots, Enterprise Software, Backend Development.
Server management, email solutions, VPN solutions, and more.

Not only do we make things, we also play things!
Join us in Discord to hang out and talk game dev!


Our Products

We work on a lot of stuff for clients, or personal side projects, but these are things we’ve made together as a studio to release to the public. We hope you enjoy our work!

In the Wild (Game)

Take control of your favorite animal and learn interesting facts while exploring various beautiful environments. Complete tasks, play mini-games, and watch the Animal AI explore with you in this educational single-player simulation game released on the Steam platform.

Toybox (Game)

Toybox is a Free To Play game on Steam about collecting anything and everything.
Check back daily for free packs, earn in-game currency and unlock mini-games, environments, props, and more!
Currently in development.

Coming Soon (Game)

We are currently working on a project we expect to release December 2024.

This project is in active development and we are looking for people interested in helping! Come join us in Discord.

Come chat! Help us make something great!